Friday, August 31, 2007

Too funny or too pathetic...hummm...good question!

Lynn (AKA Babybluezephyr) wrote this in her blog:

"So I get a friend request from someone today that is a teacher at camosun, and is wanting to start a group for everyone in the class. Which in itself is pathetic."
I think I just might be the "pathetic one"...the culprit. Why ??? Well let me tell you that I teach at Camosun and that,on the 24th of August, I sent a request to my students to join a group that I created in Facebook. Why in the world an instructor like me would like to get students to join a Facebook group ? Because I need friends ?'s true that I just moved from Qu├ębec and that I left my very good friends behind...but no, it is not the reason. Because I want to be a cool instructor ? Well, I want to reach students but mostly, I want them to work together. The group I created in Facebook (for BIOL 124) is a study group that, I hope, the students will use to solve problems and understand that Web 2.0 tools are there to be used for learning and not just because to show funny pictures and talk about drinking habits - of course I exagerate a bit here. Are my intentions pathetic? Are they that funny? Well maybe for some...

Yesterday, I talked with one of my colleagues that is also a blogger. He wrote this:
Facebook is not where they go to learn. It’s where they go to socialize, relax and throw virtual food at each other.
After talking to him and reading his post I almost regret having created this Facebook group. I understand that students might not want me in their space but still many students replied to my request. When I think about it, with such a perspective, when I was 20-26 I just might have found a request to facebook pathetic....but maybe not....