Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I do not hate many things....but I do hate some things....I REALLY DO! I am sick and tired of animal cruelty. I am mad as hell! Tonight I came back home after teaching a late lab. Exhausted from a very busy day I sat down with a bowl of cereal at my kitchen table. The Oak Bay Newspaper is on the I start to look at it, without really reading. But then THIS STORY.

The goose had been shot in the bay at close range through the back with a Tru-flite, hunting-grade practice arrow. Unable to fly, the adult bird was paddling close to the bay’s western rocks when Waddell caught up with it. She picked up the compliant bird and tucked it beside her into the kayak.
So someone shot a Canada goose with an arrow at close range in Oak Bay...the animal must have been left for dead. Who the hell does a thing like that? Do we need to kill geese right here? Do we need it for food? NO! This was done by a sick person that needs to see what suffering is. Just for the kick of it! This is a totally gratuitous and cowardly thing to do. WHY? WHY? WHY? What are you trying to prove? So you got a bow...and an arrow...hey....what not try a big bird...RIGHT? Does a stupid gesture like that make YOU a better person? Are you helping anyone with this? What are you trying to prove???

There was the highly publicized case of Michael Vick and dog fighting an athlete! What a role model!

To all of you who are harming animals, and I am not talking about hunting for food, I am talking to those who take a sick pride in harming animals...YOU MAKE ME SICK...for all that is worth to you!


Anonymous said...

I do believe in the call from our creator for us to be the master over all animals and to love and respect them because they are the creation of our Master witch is GOD. I believe we should kill animals only to eat them, or else leave them alone or use their products and knowledge to help us with our needs
I personally never owned a cat or a dog, but if I did, respect and love would be a part of our relation. The same respect can be shown from farmers towered their cows, from urban people to their domesticated dogs or cats. I feel that people who are cruel to animals are in fact violent human being filled with rage and anger and try to spice their life with more than TV/internet and Nintendo games. Some take it on animals; some take it on other human being, and here is the scary part, they could mentally challenged people if we dig deep in to their soul. I hope not many Michael Vick around their.

La Cité