Thursday, May 29, 2008

W.A.C. Bennett, Gordon Campbell and the end of a dream

I am new to the West Coast and I hope I never lose my constant amazement about the natural wonders of British Columbia and the quality of life here. But this could change.

The BC government is now selling rivers to private companies so that they can produce cheap electricity they will sell at a high price. This is exactly what W.A.C. Bennett did...but in reverse! Bennett, a former BC premier, brought power generation and electricity production to the people of BC. The Campbell government is now reversing the tide....a very interesting video can be found HERE

Not surprizingly, they also slashed the budgets of post-secondary institutions. A pro-business government? You better believe it! Oh...before I forget, Gordon Campbell's new election gag law imposes extreme limits on any organization who wants to talk about many topics from December of this year until the May, 2009 provincial election. What are these topics? Here is a list just fro you (from the Just Shut Up BC website)

  • Climate change, health care, public schools, the Olympics, child care, transit, fish farms,affordable housing, run of river private power projects, carbon taxes, raw log exports,resource-dependent communities, public private partnerships, minimum wage, free trade, mental health services, offshore oil drilling, public power, electoral reform, the gateway project, post-secondary education, taxes, clean air, First Nations treaties, public safety, seniors’ care, harm reduction, poverty...and more
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