Thursday, November 06, 2008

A green idea for you lawns...

Annie Booth, a professor at UNBC studied the impact of goats on weed growth and, probably, invasion in an urban setting. The conclusion? Goats rule!!!! Goats seem to think weeds are very good...they eat everything, from dendelions to thisle (ouch)! To me that's good news!

I got that story from and read a few of the comments and, again, I am disappointed at some of us trying to discredit any new ideas.... look at this (narrow minded) comment:

Although it sounds like a great idea, this obviously hasn't been researched properly. Considering this person is a "professor" at a university she didn't account for a number of factors.
1.What do you do with the goats in the winter?
2.How do you control the goats along roadsides?
3.What do you do with the goat "poo"? (If dog droppings are a problem, what would a herd of goats leave behind?)
4.If goats are not herded properly they will destroy all the vegetation in an area.
5. There are existing grazing programs in Canada.
For a more informed idea about this check out the city of Fort Saskatchewan (in Redneck Alberta) which has a sheep grazing program for city properties.

Come on people......!