Monday, April 06, 2009

Do NOT complain!

I went for a ride this week-end...a nice long one. We went for a hill I was not prepared for and I attacked it with half a Cliff bar still in my mouth...eating while going up a hill is NOT A GOOD IDEA!!! The hill seemed to go on forever and lactic acid was quickly building up in my novice triathlete legs. My left brain started sending negative messages such as: just quit, go back downhill and call it a day, it is too difficult, you are out of shape...etc, etc, etc. Then I noticed my LiveSTRONG bracelet on my right wrist and I remembered that a very good friend is fighting for his life, I started thinking that he would switch with me anytime...I tought of his wife, his children and his courage. I felt ashamed that I could act like such a baby just because my legs burn, I remembered that I CHOOSE to train. I will not complain!

In this video, do you think the athlete is complaining? He is not.....and I will not!