Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Condoms and Benedict.....

I learned a valuable lesson early in life....never talk about things you do not know. It is very easy to say things just because they seem to be right. Dear Benedict, read scientific reports, open your narrow mind and let some common sense in. By saying things like that, YOU make it worse! Please understand that sex is not evil and that human nature does not change in a flash just because some guy supposed to represent the Roman Catholic Church in 2009 says so......

"traditional teaching of the Church" on chastity outside marriage and fidelity within it had proved to be "the only sure way of preventing the spread of HIV and Aids".
Sexual abstinence and being faithful to your partner can be a good thing, I understand that, but remember that it takes a few unfaithful people to throw a wrench in the works.... Dear Benedict, 42 million people worldwide are currently affected by that virus! Condoms can, and do, help! Denying human nature is a stupid thing to do, I just wish you could understand that!


Image source: http://libguides.llu.edu/content.php?pid=18910&sid=147001 (Aids in 2008)

Via: Times Online