Monday, March 09, 2009

Whos is Big Brother? It's everyone!

I am amazed, really! Almost everyone I know worries about privacy, protecting personal information and identity theft. Almost everyone I know think there are too many cameras monitoring sidewalks and roads. Many think "The Government" is somehow spying on it's citizens and almost everyone I know was absolutely flabbergasted when they heard of the infamous Patriot Act that allowed the US government to monitor phone conversations without any permission from a judge. Ok...privacy is precious...right? RIGHT!

I do not want to look at the Facebook profile of my step-kids because I am too afraid of what I might find....I've seen it too many times. Party pictures posted on a social networking site will entertain your friends for a while but what is on the net can be saved on any computer and, eventually, could be used against you! My question is this...who would be willing to use that info? Very simple answer: your friends, your family, your colleagues, your neighbours, the police, the government....ANYONE could use ANY picture to prevent you from getting that promotion, that new job....and what else?

Recently Michael Phelps commited the mistake of being caught on a camera-phone while smoking some illicit substance. In the paper this morning I saw that picture of Jon Favreau, Obama's star-speechwriter grabbing Hilary Clinton's was a cardboard Hilary Clinton but it was extremely disrespectful.

These pictures were probably sent via an anonymous email (I am not sure, I did not check that fact...I have lots of marking to do still...) but it seems to me that "THE Government" does not need to spy on us....we already do that for "Them"....Come on people, we cannot change human nature but we can be a bit more careful about stuff we post online....can we?????