Monday, June 02, 2008

Alien design.....Intelligent design?

Reading a recent blog post from my favorite graduate bunch (see Alien Autopsy - Bayblab) I thought of something that bugged me for a long time: Alien Design.

Before you continue: first, lets agree on a few things.

1) be open minded BUT....
2) be critical at the same time

OK...If aliens exist they are probably advanced and the popular belief is that they are way more advanced than we are. If they really are that advanced and if they travel through some wormhole (interesting blog post here), the perception of time is not the same. Therefore design should be quite the same and TIME should not have any effect on the appearance of the extraterrestrial vehicles. When we compare pictures of ufos taken through the years one can only admit one thing....they are very, very similar (there are exceptions of course). If these pictures were bogus, or if the "flying saucers" were man made (a hoax) the design would probably evolve as years go by as we are all influenced by imaginary and not so-imaginary Stealth spy planes.

The ufos all look the same despite their location and year....puzzling isn't it?

Image source: The image was assembled from pictures that can be found on THIS SITE.


kamel said...

I'd be interesting to see a similar graphic with photographs/sketches of the aliens themselves. It seems that they are depicted very consistently as well (pale skin, thin frame, large eyes, etc.) Does this suggest that it's only one alien species that continues to revisit? Or if the aliens themselves do appear different, does that suggest a common spacecraft design across alien cultures?

I also think it woul be interesting to find out if the idea of a 'flying saucer' predates "real" accounts of them (i.e. do fictional references to UFOs of this kind predate the pictures or historical references)

Dominic (aka Dr. B) said...

Thanks for the comment....I actually tried to look for "Aliens" as well. I tried to look for paintings and sketches (as old as I could find them) but it is very difficult since they are not described as aliens. Also, I think our vision of what an Alien should look like is shaped by culture and also by descriptions of only a few people.

Spacecrafts, "flying saucers" seems to be easier to compare since we have photographs (although some of them are indeed "photoshopped" and considered as hoaxes).