Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pharyngula still going strong. Especially in Minnesota!

According to a November 2007 poll, the Weblog awards, P.Z. Myers' Pharyngula is the second best (most popular) science blog after Steve McIntyre's Climate Audit and Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy Blog. Why second? Actually there are three very popular blogs but Climate Audit and Bad Astronomy Blogs had the exact same number of P.Z. is second. I wanted to use Google Trends to compare the traffic on these three sites and it seems, according to this tool, that Pharyngula is in fact quite ahead when Google searches are used as a comparison.

Lately, there's been a small slip in Pharyngula's traffic but I guess it is only temporary (students on vacation) But there is one thing I find quite odd, most of Pharyngula's traffic, comes from Minneapolis, MN. Humm....Are you "Googling" yourself that often P.Z.???