Monday, June 09, 2008

Energy, Pyramids, Wine and DNA

I am in Kelowna, Canada's closest thing to the Napa Valley. I like wine, I like to taste it and I like to smell it. I just like wine...just enough! Last Friday I went on a wine tour and I have been looking forward to this. Imagine, the sun, the vines and that wonderful liquid.

We went to Summerhill Pyramid Winery, one of the most visited winery in Canada. Why? I have absolutely no idea...for one thing I did not like their wine ! The special thing about this winery is that they have this tacky pyramid where their wine ages. What? They age their wine in a pyramid? Absolutely! This pyramid has the same proportions as the great pyramid of Kheops. Our guide even told us:

"It has been scientifically proven that wine ages better in a pyramid, milk will turn to yogurt when put in a pyramid"....are you kidding me? Scientifically proven? Has he was saying that I looked around me to see if our group (about 40 people) were buying this....NO ONE SAID ANYTHING, they just had fish eyes not really listening to what was being said. It seems so easy to fool people, all you need is to mention a few buzzwords such as Energy, Science, Proof and voilĂ ! Doing a bit of research on the net about pyramids and their powers I found this list (with some of my comments beside them...)


  • Sharpen razor blades (Sure...Gillette will hate that!)
  • Restore the lustre to tarnished jewellery and coins
  • Purify water (Hey, build a pyramid in Myanmar...)
  • Mummify and dehydrate meat, eggs and other food stuffs (Mummies...of course)
  • Help keep milk fresh and prevent souring without refrigeration (and yogurt...)
  • Dehydrate flowers without losing their form or colour
  • Increase the growth rate of plants (a pyramid will activate transcription factors just like that)
  • Help attain increased relaxation
  • Improves the taste of coffee, wine and certain fruit juices (taste is relative, is it?)
  • Promotes healing of cuts, bruises and burns, as well as reduces pain from toothaches and headaches (Sure.....!)
Here's what I think...people are so gullible because they:
  1. Lack scientific knowledge
  2. Lack critical thinking
  3. Trust anyone that seem to "know what they are talking about"
This is sad. Very sad!

A company even claims that they can activate some of your junk DNA...just go there, read their biological blurb and tell me if you understand anything!

Via Sandwalk