Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lower cadence on bike and running performance

I found this interesting blog post and, after my first triathlon, this makes total sense.

One of the most interesting aspects of the review related to the chosen pedal cadence and how this affected subsequent running performance. It is well documented that lower cadences lead to lower oxygen usage and studies have shown that pedalling at lower cadences in the final stages of a triathlon cycle section can improve subsequent running performances. Vercruyssen et al (2002) showed that running performance was significantly improved by adopting a slower cadence for the final 10 minutes of the cycle leg (74 RPM) compared to a self chosen cadence of 94 RPM and a high cadence of 109 RPM.

Now, what I need to do is find a way to make sure my legs adapt to the swim tto bike part. Someone from Island Triathlon suggested high cadence to pump blood in the legs. That makes sense as well. I found this transition very difficult and, in my race report, I refered to a Jell-O feeling. About five minutes later my legs felt better. I am learning a lot...that's for sure!