Friday, November 24, 2006

CDC and censorship...does it have to come to this?

Amazing... I heard a rumor the other day. Someone said on the radio that the Center for Disease Control was censoring its own information. Information trusted around the world for its accuracy and, I thought, impartial and objective educative mission. Was I I dreaming? It seems that the CDC is now censoring information on condom use...see for yourself on that site! What the hell are they thinking...Bush's hands are everywhere it seems...the rumor seems to be true...conservative values are killing people...I just cannot get over this!

Visit that site, tell me about it!


Pawel Szulczewski said...

You wrote: "conservative values are killing people". What about the Church (Catholics Church) and the condoms? The Catholic Church still doesn't allow use condoms and it's green light for AIDS disease in my opinion. However I read in the paper that Vatican is thinking about it there is a chance to change it.


Tangram Abacus said... conservative values...I also meant the church.