Thursday, November 23, 2006

From space....

Doing a bit of research on Intelligent Design...I stumbled on this site! How come I never though of this? After all...don't we have SETI?

See for yourself HERE !


Mithrandir said...

A being from another world comes from a completely different: environment, gravity, and distance from the sun; what are the chances such a being looks EXACTLY like us?
Not to mention that they could have predicted a change in evolution by billions of years.

Lets go on a fantasy, an external species to our earth completely changes our environment, killing the dinosaurs. The external species introduces genes, and voila humans several years later. That alone is false because, humans share a common ancestor to every single species. If genetic material was manipulated, then we would have a different homology then many different species. The external species can only directly influence genes in certain places.

Maybe I should try writing science fiction...