Monday, November 27, 2006

Intelligent Design for Dummies...really!

UK is under attack, creationism is striking! A group know as Truth in Science decided to promote these non-objective beliefs through distribution of DVD's and booklets. This group, with their spokesman Dr Richards Buggs financed a £20,000 creationism teaching program, targeting pupils in state and private schools.

According to the book of Genesis, life was created by God 6,000 years ago! 6,000!!! How can intelligent people, like Dr. Buggs who has a Ph.D. in plant science and an expert on polyploidy promote totally unscientific ideas. People might not agree about everything Darwin said, he made mistakes, but the science is there. DNA has been sequenced, microfossils have been carbon dated and they are way older that 6,000 years! I just do not you? Is there something I am missing here?