Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Teaching tip #2: Power point and laser pointers, a No-No?

Do you have a laser pointer? I do! Do you use it with your power-point slides? I used to! Not anymore! There is a very simple reason why I used to ...and do not anymore. The laser pointer is actually a good thing for the teacher...because we have in our mind a picture of what the students ARE SUPPOSED TO we circle and underline with the laser pointer. This is not useful because the students ARE OFTEN WRITING AS WE TALK....the never see the laser pointer because it does NOT stay on the slide. Thankfully, there is a remedy to this. Power-Point has a feature that permits HIGHLIGHTING, DOODLING, CIRCLING things on your slide...and it stays there!

Here's how to use it: when you are on your slide, just right click and a box will appear! Select from the options and VOILĂ€...just look at the picture that accompanies this blog and you will quickly understand how to use this simple tool. Use it on your next lecture and you probably will, just like me, get addicted to it!