Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Disgusting! Shame on you!

One of my coaches, Clint Lien, recently blogged about bike thefts. Yesterday, Lance Armstrong's time trial bike ($$$) was stolen from a van. Today I learned that music instruments were stolen from students' lockers at McGill University. Although I feel bad about the stolen bikes, a bike is a bike is a bike.....It can be replaced, sponsors are likely to provide another bike, and in the case of Lance Armstrong, Lance has the money to get another bike, exactly like the one that was stolen.

Musical instruments ARE DIFFERENT because music appeals to the soul. Musical instruments have a sentimental value THAT CANNOT BE REPLACED. Alicia Bisha lost her $40,000 viola....a gift from her could you ever, EVER, replace that?????

Shame on you, thieves of the are stealing for drugs, are also stealing something that is deep are robbing a piece of people's soul! SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!!!!

UPDATE: Lance Armstrong's bike was returned!