Monday, February 02, 2009

Why do I run?

Why do I run...that is a good question...In a way, running makes me a better person, or gives me the impression that I am.

I run because I can
I run because I know my time here is temporary
I run to stay healthy
I run to test my limits
I run because I am a fierce competitor...against myself
I run because of the mental thoughness it takes and the one it brings
I run because I like to see how much I can get away with
I run because I have to
I run because I can look at myself in the mirror and know I gave everything I had
I run because I am an experiment
I run because I gather data on my own biology
I run because I get a high from it and because I am truly addicted to it
I run for meditation
I run for healing
I run for happiness
I run to get rid of the daily frustrations
I run to stay sain
I run because my dad did not....he should have
I run because my mother cannot
I run....just because........I run