Monday, February 09, 2009

My take on the Phelps thing

Here is my point of view...

Michael Phelps did something stupid, he smoked pot where someone could see him and take a picture (who does not have a camera phone these days). Michael Phelps forgot that he became a hero, someone to look up to and a great model. Almost everyone wants to be a hero but it seems to me like everybody quickly forget that, with the hero tag, comes a responsibility. Michael Phelps lost, his first loss in a long time! But here is where I admire Michael Phelps....unlike the other "heros", Phelps ADMITTED he did something stupid. He admitted it....YES....ADMITTING is hard to do! Just look at the cyclists caught with too much red blood cells....remember Floyd Landis? During the Tour de France 2006, Landis urine was found to have a bit too much testosterone.....What was Landis' explanation? He told the press that the night before he drank a bit too much...who drinks too much during such a big race? Did he ever apologize? NOPE! Did he ever admit to anything? NOPE! At least, Phelps stood up to his own mistake, to me that count more than anything!

Look at Landis trying to get out of it...blaming anyone but himself and the athletes that cheat!